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Mental Health Scale-Up Fund

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Background to the Mental Health Scale-Up Fund

In recognition of an unprecedented level of need for support for young people’s mental health in Surrey coming out of the Covid pandemic, the Community Foundation for Surrey set out to develop a new fund based on the following:

  • Set up in response to a clear major increase in serious and critical incidents in young people’s mental health incidents in Surrey.
  • Identified a need for Step-change in provision – short-term, small grant funding is not supporting sustainability of approach.
  • Desire to grow and develop programmes that can evidence they are working.
  • Stop the ‘post-code lottery’ – help should be available to all who need it in Surrey when and where they need it.
  • We know the Community Foundation for Surrey has funded excellent provision by the Voluntary and Community Sector in specific local areas – which we aim to grow into cross-Surrey provision so that everyone can access support whenever they need it.
  • We would like to support wrap-around support for long-term, that grows and develops as the needs of the young person and their family change over time – including organisations with differing expertise working together in partnership.
  • We aim to fund joined-up thinking on a large-scale.

How to give

With your help we can help to increase the support for young people’s mental health in Surrey.

Your donation today via Enthuse (please click the button on the right) will go directly towards supporting organisations that are already making a difference to the mental health of young people in the county.

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